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Then, ye CHENFENG deliberately made the three sea of knowledge more turbulent, and the thunder light Alilian, Li Shuang, rifesco, Saran, Rita, and carsall. After a moment's silence, ye Chong goes to the second floor and walks to a private room at will. Kang Si ran was not moved by her beauty at all. She just laughed coldly: "good method, I admire it v Ye Chu frowned and said, "is there such a big world?" A red force burst out from Lin Yu, shocking the earth, carrying the power of terror, mercilessly bom At the moment of landing, Dong Yan finally blocked the big sword on his back. Under such a grasp, a stream of golden light suddenly released from its hands and began to blow out "It's worth saying? I'm afraid!" "What else to go? Just call them. Anyway, I'm weak now. Even if I go to the show, I'll just Master Mingtian, holding a compass in his hand, searched carefully and said: This includes the vomang tribe which disappeared in the rumor, and some other powerful tribes, which Previous dialogue, he did not put Zichen in the eye, as if Zichen had become a fish on the chopping Since the race has shown that it is necessary to use the power of the enemy, that is to say, it is n But he paid the price of breaking his arm. "That is to say, I can't get anything in the blood treasure house now?" At that time, the old man he saw in the ancient capital had disappeared. "Captain sister, what are you afraid of? You are not afraid of 30000 feet. It is only about two mete

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