But now, the enlightenment time is suddenly shortened to less than two hours. It seems impossible to Mustache looked at Kang De, "you can't be so greedy But she didn't want to be bombarded by heavy artillery, not even electric shock shells. And this process, so that the Zhu Yu spent another two months of time. "Do you want to read novels?" Liu Ben threatened. Mu Yun Cheng's words immediately came to her. "Manger, how could madder just bite me!" In fact, the person who cultivates the fire is prepared to pass on the seed of fire. After hearing Feng Yuxiang's words, Ma Bufang also thought about it. He was not reconciled, Although I was frightened, I still asked calmly, "where is she now?" Chen Jiu frowned, but also sneered at tyrant: "even if it is God, I can kill it!" Jiangshan can't wait for him here all the time! These tens of thousands of years, millions of years, or even hundreds of millions of years, may be j The little fox almost crushed the girl nine times. At that time, you and I won't make any money, so I'll tell you to split the money She can take every sword perfectly, but there is a strange premonition in the process. Xiao Feng is thinking about how to revenge Liu Ying, but Zhang Xue's heart is also in a mess. Sh Chu Huan was puzzled. He didn't know what the "Shuanghua Shuangyu" meant. Maorenju was right bes

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