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Even the master has given up, his servant is really not good, again stubborn, had to give up helples The head of the ice puppet sect nodded when he heard Jiang Shan's words. He thought that Jiangsh The only duty of the near Guard commander is to lead his subordinates in the battle, and to protect "Well, you can see how much the game is worth. By the way, the wolf cub will be kept for me and I wi They exchanged greetings for a while, but they didn't know what they were talking about. If one can become a powerful emperor, one can become a powerful one. "What's the relationship between you and taixuanzong? What's the reason for your coming to L After packing, Liu Yuandong now, his parents and daughter-in-law, as well as his 16-year-old brother Rose is worthy of studying economics. She is the best at business. "Well, I'll pay attention next time." Yang Kai looked at the great emperors and asked. Sima Wuji shows his body shape and looks at Luochuan strangely with his mouth open. I'm sure Deere's mood. She hasn't seen me for two years. After a short day together, she Li xiuna quickly seized Fang Han's hand: "third, what you said is true?" Xiao Ping quickly sweeps the powder into the garbage can, and then he can't wait to enter the de I swear by jiecao that Shen Xinyi will never be allowed into the room. This is related to the civilian education advocated by Emperor long Yufei. Commander cook did not know when he also came to the side. Beside him, there was a fat looking arist

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