Lin Zhenqiang, they don't care whether they die or not. At this time, Su Yong yawned and hummed in the room. The Jade Emperor's tone is not very good. If he is disturbed in practice, his tone will not be v The power of Lei Xingfeng's strike is blocked by ice crystal, and the thunder and lightning can& After all, I am a person who has left the temple. It is not wise to waste time and energy for myself Phoenix tries to communicate with snow light in various languages. They usually carry translators wi Tianmingzi said these words slowly, as if just take them to eat that natural and casual tone. "Yu Dacheng, you are so shortsighted that you have cast a good master... You will not die easily!" With his rapid rotation, there are nine small chains in the void near his noumenon. Tao Mu was flustered in an instant. His eyes kept looking around, as if he wanted to find a way to e When this faded a prosperous and light, return to the plain and quiet man, quietly in the void, imme Zhang Ye's victory is of great significance. "Oh, ha ha, it's all about making women's money." The face of Tongtian sect leader also became serious in an instant, and said in a deep voice: "today Wang Dong turned his head, looked at Gareth and Finn and said word by word, "please But angel uril sat in the cockpit of mecha, his face was very ugly. However, his aura was suppressed to seven or eight, even if it was forced to urge, it did not have t One hundred years can't be underestimated. If you lose those secret forces, you may not be able

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