Jian Wuji is also in a state of confusion. Obviously, he doesn't know what to say. "You are a bit of character. It's not insulting to die in my hands." "Here..." caiyue Pleiades handed over the money in his hand and said, "this, I don't know how mu Buck was a little surprised. Fang Lingying seldom took the initiative to be enthusiastic until now. They can also find out some money, and a little widow is easy to deal with. How many of them can&#39 Such blood essence is of great use to their cultivation. At this time, Tan Jiangping, Lvzi, Cao Yining and others also walked towards the jade wool area on o Said brigadier general Jonathan, somewhat dejected. "I'm going to give you all a little bit of my voice Looking at the black monster, Princess Changle also showed a color of excitement. Looking at this scene, all the people took a breath of cold air. It seemed that some of them could n At the moment, Jiao Da had no more old-fashioned expression, and the whole person was standing there Meanwhile, Joe lengdie and Sakura arrived in a white extended Bentley. Before Cao Jin's words were finished, he was severely interrupted by Cao Chengzhi. Ye Chen grinned, he is very weak, pain and smile coexist face in the eyes of cold snow is to let her Hearing this, the clerk couldn't calm himself any more. He cried out, "this must be made up by y Said major general Qiao Moyan, frowning. Chapter 601 the trap of encircling the extreme doula (2)

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