Zhu Yu has seen countless strong men in his life, but none of them is so terrible. "As for the relationship with Cohen, we'll get used to it. We're not brothers in other empir Two people immediately retreat, ye Chu side removed the sky cutting array, at the same time he remov A faint white mist came out of the small spout of the metal can in their hands, and quickly gathered The Swedish ship to Tatan port was called the "fast deer". When Captain Jacob heard that everyone wh The two little beauties are Yu Er's two daughters, namely, Hong Wuyou's two sisters. Reeves hit the energy ball with one punch, and everyone in the field was stunned. After the death of Lu black and white, Yue Chong's hatred for the boat club has risen to a terri This knife is a real heartless sword. Everything in the world can not be killed! With countless candlelight and singing, Li Han expressed his thanks to everyone. But the person who made the move was not long Jiaoyang, but the woman beside him. The Sea God saw Ye Chu dare to ridicule him, and immediately said in a rage: "I don't know what The advanced immortal sword and the blood sacrifice sword are naturally different. The elder of Hongshan tribe is like this, so is the elder of other tribes. Hongmantian heart entangled, but gas, to fight with Ye Chu. However, apart from a few harsh words, what can he do? Huo Yuhao looked at the sky and sighed, "this is the strength." "Wang xiangruo is really free. I think Wang Xiang should think about how to let Shanshan go back to

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