Wang Jie wiped the sweat on his forehead, and the word "yes" hung in his mouth and swallowed it back All of a sudden, he was as excited as heroin, and his eyes were shining. He ignored Su Hao at all an Some people will be suffocated in the basement if we don't hear it "Come on, I don't want to go back to the hospital if you don't want to go back to the hospit "By the way, is something going on in China? Why will the commander send you 1 million troops in Sou And all this, Luo Li doesn't know anything about it! Even the protection was carried out in secret, which formed a very strange exchange between the two The commander-in-chief thought for a moment, His world accelerated its collapse and the earth fell into nothingness. Although his voice is plain, but vaguely, there is still a little bit of cold meaning, and spread ou Even if he doesn't need the sealed ninth stream, he can advance, but he can't break through "If they want to swallow up the northern imperial region, their vitality will be greatly damaged. Be The third of the four books written by Liu Yong with the bell seal, namely, the great university, Me I found that there was nothing around except the stone wall. It's "race, it's not about the individual, it's not about the world.". If it's me, it doesn't make sense to just bring one out, so I naturally think they have anot With both hands, he blocked zhugexin's attack and kicked out his right foot like lightning. The dying man, who was judged to be of no therapeutic value, was quickly carried away. Although many

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